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Effective 9/16/2021

Our Branch Lobbies will be

 Temporarily Closed

 Due to the current increase of the COVID Virus our lobbies may be accessed by appointment only.  If you have an immediate need or would like to schedule an appointment  please feel free to call any of our branch locations.

Routine transactions can be conducted by visting any of our branch drive-thru's, or by utilizing our online banking or mobile app.

We look foward to having our lobbies reopen soon to service all of your banking needs.

COVID-19: Financial tips, digital banking options, and what we can do to help.

With the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe, and Governor DeWine’s recent executive order, many are wondering what this means for their finances and bank accounts. We’re here to help – don’t panic!

Here are a few ways you can take a proactive approach to be financially prepared for this pandemic, and beyond.  

1. Utilize our digital banking Services

If you haven’t taken advantage of our Online and Mobile banking services, or enrolled in eStatements, the midst of this pandemic is certainly a good time to start.  Bank from the convenience and safety of your home, with a full suite of services that allow you to:   

  • Check account balances 24/7
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Pay bills, schedule payments and view payment history
  • Enroll in and view eStatements
  • Stop payments

If you are not yet enrolled in these services, please give us a call and we can help to get you set up: 937-839-4628.

TVB also offers Telebank, a phone banking service, that allows users to dial in to a toll-free number, and:

  • Check account balances
  • View account history
  • Transfer funds and make payments
  • Stop payments or hear scheduled transfers

Call our toll-free Telebank number at 1-877-882-2651

2. Enroll in direct deposit

 If your employer offers direct deposit, and you don’t have it set up already, consider taking advantage of this free, convenient and secure way to receive your monthly paycheck. Your funds will automatically be deposited into the account of your choice, which takes much less time than cashing a paper check, and leaves you one less errand to run.

3. Create an Emergency Fund

 A good rule of thumb for general financial health is to create a savings that can cover 3-6 months’ worth of expenses, and cover life’s unexpected events, such as medical or dental emergencies, loss of income, car troubles, and any other general needs. It’s never too late to start one – and even small amounts can help. Every little bit adds up!

4. Keep a small amount of cash on hand.

 It’s never a bad idea to keep a small amount of cash handy, but remember that your bank is the safest place to store your money. Checking, Savings, and Money Market accounts and CDs are all insured by the FDIC, at up to $250,000, which means that your money is protected.

5. Make a list of important financial contacts and gather financial documents.

 To save yourself the stress of searching for it later, make a list of the financial institutions you bank with, and any important account numbers for bills you regularly, such as mortgage loans, auto loans, credit cards, and any other monthly bills.

Gather important documents, such as financial, insurance or medical records, and store them in a safe, secure location, like a fire- and waterproof safe. Creating electronic, password protected versions of your documents as backups is always another helpful precaution that can give you peace of mind.



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