The Twin Valley Bank

Fee Schedule

Effective 9/1/12

Cashier’s Check  $6.00
Money Order $4.00
Check Image $1.00 Each
Statement Image $1.00 Each
Account Research $25.00 per hr. (Min. ½ hr) + $1.00 per pg thereafter
Substitute Check $5.00
Check Cashing Fee $6.00 (Non-Customer)
Incoming Wire Transfer $20.00 (Domestic)
Outgoing Wire Transfer $25.00 (Domestic)
International Wire Transfer $40.00 (Incoming/Outgoing)
Foreign ATM Fee * $1.75
Night Deposit Bag $25.00 (With Key)
Night Deposit Bag $5.00 (Without Key)
Fax Service $1- 1st pg/.50 each add. pg.
Stop Payment $32.00
Returned Deposited Item $7.00
ACH Revocation $15.00
Dormant Fee $5.00
Legal Charges
Including: Tax Levy, Garnishments, or attachments
Returned Statement Handling $3.00
Overdraft/NSF/Bounce Fee ** <$10 = No Charge

$10.01 to $40 = $15 Charge

$40.01 and up = $32.00 Charge

Paper Statement Fee *** $3.00 (Consumer)
$6.00 (Commercial)

Free Services for Customers:  Phone Transfers, Counter Checks, Notary Services, Instant Statements Prints.

*Other ATM transaction fees may apply at non-Twin Valley Bank ATMs.

**Overdraft/NSF/Bounce fees apply to overdrafts created by check, In-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means as applicable. Fees may also be assessed due to exceeding optional Bounce Protection or Ready Reserve limits.

*** Paper statement fee is applicable to accounts that have access to Online banking E-Statements and also receive paper statements.

See our Twin Valley Bank Representative for more details.

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